Karen Parkinson

I'm feel absolutely amazing. I've got so much more energy, and my brain fog has totally gone! Everyone is saying how well I look and asking what's changed because they don't recognise me from what I was like previously. I feel like a weight has been lifted physically but more importantly mentally, like I'm floating on air. My mood has improved and find myself smiling alot more, it's like having a spa day but feeling like it every single day. It's definitely part of my new self care routine. I feel so much brighter like I have my sparkle back, I wish I did it years ago and never realised how much I needed it. Thank you so much Jill xx

Tina Short

A huge thank you Jill! Your in-depth knowledge in your field of Colonic hydrotherapy has helped me immensely on my journey to a happy healthy body and everything that is linked to gut health. Jill's advice has been more valuable to me than when I have visited the GP for 20 years with my concerns. Within a couple of treatments, I feel as though I have a new body. This treatment has been incredibly beneficial, I can't recommend it enough with Jill. Thank you again.

Rachel R

I came to Jill when I felt I was at the end of my rope! The doctor told me I had IBS and there was nothing they could do for me except recommend laxatives. I was so constipated. Lucky if I went once a week for the last 2 years. I was miserable and very stressed out, not to mention extremely nervous about the treatment. Jill was amazing. She made what could have been a very difficult treatment for me very relaxing and always reassuring me. After one treatment I have had 3 normal bowel movements in one week I can't tell you how relieved I feel and I know my future treatments will only make my bowels function even better. It's truly amazing what some warm water, herbs and magnesium can do. I can't believe doctors don't recommend this treatment on a regular basis.

Justin Moylan-Jones

I have had the pleasure of visiting Jill twice now for a colonic and what a massive difference it's made to my life! Not only has it helped my troublesome stomach, but has helped my anxiety as well too. Jill has helped with some marvellous supplements to help me long the way, meaning after my treatments it keeps me on the straight and narrow. Thank you Jill :) Check out her website www.thecolonicsuite.com

Kayley Mancer

Jill is by far the best person I have been to for a colonic! Not only did she make me feel incredibly comfortable, but she also provided deeper info and understanding as to why I was potentially experiencing issues with my digestion, from emotional to physical! Needless to say, since starting my treatment with her I have had every digestive issue fixed, and my quality of life has improved significantly! I highly recommend her and her services ♥️

Sara Bate

Having become so very poorly and getting no answers from my GP I came to Jill for colon hydrotherapy but what I got was so much more than that. I cannot thank her enough because she set me on the road to recovery. Her knowledge, support, care and kindness has been invaluable. I had been searching for somewhere to have my bloods taken in order to have an honest, accurate idea of what was really going on for me. Upon her recommendation I also made an appointment to see Dr Stephen. I have been attending the clinic for just under a year now and the wisdom Jill and the Doctor impart on me with their holistic approach every time I see them has transformed my life and everyone around me. I am medication free for the first time in 30 years and have an understanding of my medical issues more so now than I ever have. Jill and the Dr take little credit for the exemplary service given and simply state with humility what they provide are the basics in care. I beg to differ. They support me on a journey of true healing and self discovery; of a healthier mind and body and continue to do so. My teenage son attends the clinic with me now too having also become very poorly, blacking out numerous times a day with paediatric services failing him saying it’s just one of those things. The Dr identified from my son’s bloods, just as he had from mine, serious deficiencies that had lead to auto immunity. Since seeing the Dr, my son has never blacked out or fainted again, not once. The change in him has felt nothing short of miraculous. When I say Jill and the Dr saved my life, and that of my son, I say it wholeheartedly and with conviction. I found so much more in my search for answers at the clinic than I ever imagined and will be forever thankful to them both.

Sophia Storm

I recently went for colonic hydrotherapy with Jill. It was my first ever colonic so I was a bit apprehensive and not sure exactly what to expect after hearing different things. I am so glad I found Jill at Arcturus, she is so amazing at what she does. She immediately put me at ease with her smiley and friendly nature, she was also so knowledgable and she is actually a nutritionist as well! Jills advice and service has changed my life ! My gut is now healing thanks to Jill and I am beyond elated. Thank you so much Jill you are brilliant!!!


Over the years I have had many colonics with different practitioners, some have been excellent, some good, some ok and a couple that would have put me off had it been my first one. Jill has just given me the best one yet. I can’t praise her enough. She was exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable, but her empathy and gentleness made all the difference to a potentially embarrassing treatment. Ever since I was told I had cancer back in 2009 I have been on a quest to live a different, less toxic, more peaceful life and part of that protocol is having a twice-yearly colonic. So many people overlook the importance of our gut and the role it has to play in our overall health and it’s one area I have studied at length. Take care of the right bacteria and they will look after you and keep you a happy and healthy person.

Annabel H

Had my first colonic hydrotherapy appointment with Jill and then 2 follow-ups - felt amazing afterwards each time! I was suffering with bad IBS and stomach issues but this was the only thing that helped. Jill also recommended supplements that have really helped too. Honestly, it's been the best thing I've done!