YourGutMap – Food Sensitivity By measuring food specific IgG antibody reactions in your blood, the test will analyse your reactions to 210 foods and drinks. After collecting a few drops of blood using an absorbent wand, the laboratory uses gold standard ELISA testing technology to analyse the sample. Your Food Sensitivity Map Your test report is easy to navigate, categorising your reactions into food groups: Vegetables Meat & Fish Dairy & Eggs Nuts, Seeds & Beans Herbs, Spices & Oils Drinks Supplements Others Your Total IgG Immune Load The report includes your total immune load score, showing the immune load your body is experiencing with your current diet. Research shows by following your IgG guided dietary changes, total immune load can be reduced. Your Nutrition Guide includes help and advice on following a varied, balanced, and interesting diet – whilst reducing or eliminating consumption of your reactive foods. Free shipping of your test kit. Free shipping of your sample to the lab. Secure log in to view and download results. *Food sensitivity - a food sensitivity is defined as a food specific IgG response. The reaction is measured through IgG responses to foods to help overcome problems associated with adverse delayed immune reactions to food. Our company does not claim to cure any associated diseases or conditions, and always recommend consulting with a GP before undertaking our programme.